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Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser 5.01.23


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Description of
Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser
RustemSoft Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser is a functional software tool for complete license and customer management. Along with Skater .NET Obfuscator it helps you to prepare your product for protection, manage license, encrypt your code and data, send e-mails to registered customers and so on.

RustemSoft Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser intensifies revenue for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) by allowing deliver to end customer the appropriate license rights. With .NET Licenser, you will be able constrain various licensing policies ranging from a single copy on a standalone computer to thousands of licenses on a network. Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser supports fully-automatized license delivery to your end-users.

.NET Licenser API assembly gives ability to program the licensing features in your application source code. By using .NET Licenser API you will be able bound your licensed application with user's hardware and check user PC unique code trough authentication web-service. Also by using the web-service you may block your application at user's PC if a license has been refunded by user.

.NET Licenser provides you with a purely software based license management system for software .NET applications. .NET Licenser API assembly generates software licenses that are bound to hardware. That means, licenses are activated persistently for specific computers or work stations. Hence, the licensed software may be installed and employed solely on the registered hardware.

Licenses generated by .NET Licenser are bound to an individual PC through an authentication web-service. Specific properties of the PC or the installed OS are used to build up information used as a web-service record. This web-service record becomes part of the activation code. The activated license can only be used on the PC if the web-service record has not changed significantly since its activation date.

Operating System : Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 7, Windows 2000
Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Software Copy Protection .NET Licenser
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Author: RustemSoft
License: Shareware
Price: $269.99
File Size: 4.5 MB
Downloads: 173

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